Ivan Stanojević

...is the most talented athlete in Byteout, always pushing the limits. With his endurance he also outperforms everybody in programming when he sits in front of his computer and gets "into the zone". Always trying out new trends, he is a technology surfer, riding the first wave.

I can tell you have a wide skillset and from all of the examples I can think of not one comes to mind in which I expected something from your side and it was not delivered as expected! Aside from that I appreciate the very clear explanations as from my side there are never outstanding questions once you have taken your time to clarify something, which you always do, thank you!

From our working experience together I absolutely appreciate the open communication and meticulously-sent updates!

About me

I'm a software developer stretched between web technologies and space exploration.

From my early years I was curious about new technologies and space is the cutting edge of it. Since 2011 I work as a web developer in Byteout Software, where I try to converge these two.

I also took a role of NASA SpaceApp Challenge local lead in Belgrade, Serbia.

Every project is a mission and failure is not an option. It serves to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, as spoke President Kennedy. Web and mobile apps are at my primal focus, and I always try to make my code lightweight and robust. When there's a problem, trying to see it as a challenge and a chance for growth.

In my project management I'm inspired by word of Gene Kranz, who said that job we do requires toughness and competence. Toughness means we hold ourselves forever responsible for what we do and what we fail to do, and competence means we take nothing for granted.



Creator and maintainer of NASA's TLE API. Info available at https://api.nasa.gov/api.html#tle


In October 2018 I started this open data initiative with goal to make bulky scientific data available for web developers.

Around Earth

People's award winning project presented on NASA's SpaceApps 2015 at ESA center in Noordwijk, which main goal is visualisation of LEO satellites and real time orbital situation awareness.

Contributor of PHP DNS server project.

Implementation of Authoritative DNS Server written in pure PHP.

Caffe Music

Coffee Shop web site with eCommerce created with Drupal.


GlutenFree contains a list of gluten-free products, their details and descriptions, making life easier for people suffering from gluten intolerance or those who simply want to eat healthy and follow the latest nutrition trends.


SpaceApps 2018 local lead recognition

Acknowledgement letter as local lead for NASA Space Apps Challenge 2018 in Belgrade, Serbia.

Basic Life Support - BLS

CPR (Adult / Child / Infant / Choking) AED / First-Aid / Bloodborne Pathogens

Space Mission Design and Operations

This course builds on university-level mechanics to introduce and illustrate orbital dynamics as they are applied in the design of space missions. Course lecturer , ESA astronaut Claude Nicollier in his teaching focuses on conceptual understanding of space mechanics, maneuvers, propulsion and control systems used in all spacecraft.


Space Mission Preliminary Analysis - Lunar Far Side Radio Communications

Publication written as a final assignment of course "Space Exploration and Rocket Science", discusses the possibility of communicating with lunar far side using relay satellite positioned in Lagrange points in the Earth - Moon system.